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I have bought my UC Jolleraptor MYO slot for $70 so I'd like at least $65 back. Would anyone be interested in this? I'm a bit desperate for money so this would be so helpful!



*throws my froggos at you*

I have lots of frogs that need relationships and lovin's
*sneakily gives like four friends core memberships because I love them and I got some lotto money lmao*

love you babies. ; 3
Week in a nutshell:
*Filed taxes late
*Got my drivers license
*Got my car registered and on the road
*Mystic Messenger for the millionth time
*Crawling in my crawl

My excuse for not logging on for an entire week lmao
Sorry I've been so dead this past week. I got some spectacles because apparently, I am blind lmao. It's a good thing! I really like glasses. ^///^ 

Also, got a raise at work which is cool aaaand made 1000 watchers on the Mystic Messenger Amino so I'm holding an event there as a thank you for all the support from those Jumin-loving jerks there. Jumin emote 1 Just kidding. I love them all.

I'll draw again sometime, I promise.
Well, since the poll leaned more towards Assassin Riruru, I'm actually kind of happy about that. Assassin!Riruru has been an AU concept for a LONG time so she's actually pretty spread out. I'll be drawing her soon.

On another note, I wanted to thank everyone for the 300 watchers. I plan to do some fan art soon, and more pieces. These will be after the commissions I have though!
Man, I was looking at a lot of old art that someone I used to know gave me. I had known her for so long that she just sent me art all the time. I can't bring myself to throw it away, since it was stuff she put her heart into. I don't want to see it again, but it's so wrong to throw things like that away, even if the memories that come out of them are painful. What should I do with it?
Holy cow, I was thinking last night about Riruru and Soruru. I still can't believe they're 6 years old now. : ) It's nice to have old characters still active!


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